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Emotional abuse can cause serious damage and emotional distress over the years can leave serious scars, but healing is on the way.  The Healing Roads website is for people who want to understand how to heal from all of the emotional wounds we often times face in life, no matter what you have gone through or may still be going  through. Don’t give up. You can make it. You are important.  You matter on this earth. Let’s talk. Let’s share. Let’s find help. Let’s love. Let’s heal. Let’s change the world. Let’s grow. Let’s have peace. Let’s heal the world one heart at a time.

Emotional distress long after emotional abuse can trap you, but there is hope for escape.

Author Arteria Stevens knows what it’s like to suffer the emotional turmoil that comes with years of abuse. She also knows what it takes to pick one’s self out from under the thumb of emotional distress and move on with life. After years of fighting her own emotional demons brought about by years of abuse, she has dedicated her writings and assistance to helping heal the world from the undertow of post-traumatic stress and past events that can easily hold people down. You’re invited by Arteria and the many who have been touched by her experiences in her writings to face your past and live a life that is free of turmoil and emotional distress.

Healing Roads is pleased to introduce you to those who share your story.

Traumatic events can take their toll and make going it alone difficult. In many instances, even close friends and family members cannot relate to the past trauma one has gone through. It is for this reason that this site is not only an access point for inspiration writings, emotionally uplifting books, and the upcoming works of Arteria Stevens, but it also acts as a gateway to a larger community of those who understand what you have gone through and what it will take to get where you want to go. Through different online services, those who have suffered loss or suffered abuse can come together for beneficial emotional disturbance recovery. There is hope for freedom.

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