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Emotional abuse recovery starts with the compelling works of Arteria Stevens.

Emotional abuse recovery is hard to get started for many victims who have endured intense emotional trauma in the past. While many live in agony, there is emotional abuse recovery from those who have endured such events, suffered with the negative emotions, and still managed to put their lives back together. From dealing with post-traumatic stress syndrome to trying to figure out how to overcome anxiety, Arteria Stevens shares her story of turmoil and eventual emotional abuse recovery. Available in both paperback form and E-book form, Arteria Stevens’ books Don’t Touch Me and The Healing Roads Journal help those dealing with day-to-day depression, stress, and anxiety. With every paperback purchase of The Healing Roads Journal, a personal blank journal is included in order for customers to start their own journal as a means of beginning the process of emotional healing and closure towards pain suffered in the past.

Sexual abuse treatment and overcoming negative emotions is in your hands.

The Healing Roads website is your source not only current books and upcoming books by author Arteria Stevens, but is your gateway to a community of individuals who understand exactly what you’re going through. As you experience what Arteria experienced through her writings, you can also grow as she grew to follow her own healing road. Emotional abuse recovery starts with facing your past and knowing how to overcome anxiety that comes from a traumatic event or series of events. You can heal and as you heal, you can help heal the world.

A personal blank journal is included just for you in the back of the paperback copy only, of "The Healing Roads Journal." I welcome you to order your very own copy to write in and get to a place of healing and closure.

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